Our showroom in Sanderstead is located on Limpsfield Road, just 8 miles to the northwest of the Surrey village of Limpsfield itself. We are designers, suppliers and installers of fitted kitchens and fitted bedrooms. At Cathedral Kitchens, we believe that fitted installations are more suited to the needs of our clients than off-the-shelf packages that often require additional conversion work, at further cost, to ensure a decent fit.


Here, we investigate the true benefits of fitted bedrooms and kitchens. We want our clients in the Limpsfield area to make the perfect buying decision. We’ve pooled many years of design and installation experience into our thoughts to compile the following information:




On an initial basis, buying an off-the-shelf package and performing your own installation might seem like a great way to save money but the reality is often different. The build quality on pre-manufactured packages is often poor and the modernisation required to make everything fit correctly usually requires the skills of time-served tradesmen anyway.


Professionally tailored fitted kitchens and fitted bedrooms have a much better build quality. All design and planning requirements are handled by the supplier and the installation is undertaken by trained fitters. Potential clients in Limpsfield who choose a company such as our own also benefit from good advice on appliances, worktops and other room features.




Whether you are looking for a traditional finish or something a little more contemporary, choosing fitted kitchens and bedrooms will help you to achieve the required style with greater accuracy than a pre-manufactured package. Even if you are only modernising a room, a good supplier will be able to supply replacement kitchen doors and bedroom doors that fit perfectly and transform your current room space.


Our showroom on Limpsfield Road displays our entire kitchen, bedroom and replacement door range. You’ll be able to see all styles, colours and designs first hand whilst receiving the best advice on our fitted kitchens and bedrooms. If you decide to go ahead, we can create CAD drawings that show you how the final design will look in your home once installed.



Whether you decide to purchase a full fitted package or simply prefer to upgrade your home with our replacement bedroom doors and kitchen doors, you’ll always receive a genuine value-for-money service where all planning and installation elements are undertaken by the designers and fitters at Cathedral Kitchens


Homeowners in Limpsfield can use our fitted kitchens and bedrooms knowing that they’ll provide a healthy return on investment should they choose to sell their property in the future. Just as importantly, Cathedral Kitchens can work within most budgets to deliver a value design and installation service unrivalled in the local Surrey area.

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