Kitchens and Bedrooms by Cathedral Kitchens Designed by Wren Ltd

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Kitchens and Bedrooms by Cathedral Kitchens Designed by Wren Ltd

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Fitted Bedrooms and Fitted Kitchens in Warlingham


Based in Sanderstead and serving all locations in the surrounding Surrey area, Cathedral Kitchens is a fully independent business established in 2002. We have our own extensively stocked showroom and a growing client portfolio that includes property owners in the nearby town of Warlingham.


Warlingham is located less than three miles to the southeast of our home which is on the outskirts of South Croydon. Our company supplies and installs fitted kitchens and fitted bedrooms with a complete in-house service that is professional, reliable and trustworthy. We can also supply and fit replacement kitchen and bedroom doors.


Your Room Space – Your Choice of Design


At Cathedral Kitchens, we never forget that the final choice of design should always be made by the customer. We always take the time to listen to any ideas and concepts you’d like to include in the planning of our fitted kitchens and bedrooms. By building a picture of your own aspirations, we can take what we’ve learned and use it as our inspiration.


Property owners in Warlingham retain complete control over all design elements. Our designers and planners always remember that a new kitchen or bathroom is your personal dream. Our only role in the development of fitted kitchens and fitted bedrooms is to guarantee the final design is suitable enough to bring that dream to life.


Replacement Kitchen and Bedroom Doors


If you still love the layout of your current kitchen or bedroom but feel tired of the existing design, we can breathe new life into your room space with our replacement kitchen and bedroom doors. We have a selection of doors available that can be viewed at our showroom near Warlingham or via our dedicated online door gallery.


Our replacement kitchen doors and replacement bedroom doors are customised to exact specifications so that they install to existing units perfectly. Unlike pre-manufactured replacement doors that never quite sit correctly, our products are made to high standards and have the look and feel one might associate with a brand new fitted package.