Kitchens and Bedrooms by Cathedral Kitchens Designed by Wren Ltd

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Kitchens and Bedrooms by Cathedral Kitchens Designed by Wren Ltd

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Kitchens in Westerham | Complete Design and Installation


If you need a bit of inspiration for your Westerham home, give us a call or visit our Cathedral Kitchens showroom in Sanderstead. We help to design a variety of kitchens and install fitted bedrooms and bathrooms for your entire property. Our specialists will plan every detail of your project alongside you. Together, we can turn your dream into a reality.


Selecting a style from our range of fitted kitchens is a big investment. We understand how important it is to choose one that will compliment your Westerham property. As Surrey’s premiere independent kitchens and bathrooms retailer, our traditional and contemporary designs by Wren Limited are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.


Why Choose Contemporary Fitted Kitchens?


Kitchens have quickly become a focal point in the home. We spend a lot of time in them preparing food and it is the ideal place to entertain friends. This is why you should consider the style you want for your home in Westerham. You can discuss any idea for fitted kitchens with our expert designers and planners. For something fresh and different, why not choose a contemporary design?


Here are some common features of the contemporary kitchens we fit around Westerham:


  • Efficient use of space, with a focus on clear countertops and convenient storage areas, to enhance functionality
  • Bold colours, or calming minimalist palettes to lighten the mood in kitchens and bathrooms
  • State-of-the-art technology with easily integrated features, including timers, smart cookers and built-in coffee machines
  • Polished tiles, stainless steel or marble surfaces and innovative lighting techniques to add a bit of character


Contemporary style kitchens can easily be replicated throughout the home in fitted bedrooms and bathrooms.


Our Kitchens and Home Renovation Service


At Cathedral Kitchens, we are here to create quality kitchens for you in Westerham and the Surrey area. Not only this, our designers and fitters are on hand to help refurbish the rest of your property. The service we offer includes designing and building fitted bedrooms and bathrooms so you can establish a refreshing look that flows from room to room.


Take a closer look at our kitchens and interior design service:


  • We are available to homeowners located in Westerham and around Surrey
  • We install fitted kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms to match your style
  • Our tailor-made service includes designing, planning and fitting
  • A team of skilled designers will work with you to plan your project, step-by-step
  • CAD software is used to give you a clearer image of what to expect
  • We will ensure your budget and time-frame will be met by our expert fitters


For traditional or contemporary kitchens, fitted bedrooms and bathrooms in Westerham and Surrey, call Cathedral Kitchens on 01883 624000 .