Kitchens and Bedrooms by Cathedral Kitchens Designed by Wren Ltd

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Kitchens and Bedrooms by Cathedral Kitchens Designed by Wren Ltd

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Fitted Bathrooms and Fitted Kitchens in Whyteleafe | The Benefits


At Cathedral Kitchens we take great pride in offering our Whyteleafe customers a wide range of services such as fitted kitchens, bathrooms and fitted bedrooms for their home. We’re a company that can make large home improvements with our bespoke workmanship. This is why we have decided to list some pointers on why you should use us for new kitchens.


Our Services Explained


  • Fitted kitchens work well with the space you already have. More and more people are deciding to stay put rather than move for maybe extra room or better facilities. We find that areas such as kitchens and bathrooms are being redesigned to your existing space. Or if you’re having an extension built at your Whyteleafe home, we can suggest new installations that will show off your home in a fantastic light.
  • Cathedral Kitchens Designed by Wren Ltd enables property owners to add considerable value to your Whyteleafe home with our brand of fitted kitchens. It’s a well-known fact that any upgrading or updating of a property in Whyteleafe pushes the value up. The same goes for our fitted bedrooms or bathrooms. What you will pay for our services can be recouped immediately in added market value.
  • Consider the fact that for many families, kitchens are the most likely of places to congregate as you have dinner and talk about your day at work, etc. We can work closely with you to design and install fitted kitchens to your taste. As we only use top branded materials, the discounts that we receive from our trusted suppliers get passed down to the customer. This makes our fitted kitchens amongst the cheapest in Whyteleafe.
  • Cathedral Kitchens Designed by Wren Ltd combines the elements of high design, practical functionality and hard-wearing products to provide fittings that will last a lifetime. We have an experienced and skilled installation team who will talk you through as they go and will answer any queries you may have about fitted kitchens for your Whyteleafe home.


Why not give us a call today about our fitted kitchens? Or maybe pop into our Sanderstead store where we can go through ideas with you? We’re open 6 days a week.